Quick tip: AWS S3 invalid certificate

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If you are getting invalid SSL certificate error in the browser when serving assets from the s3 bucket and using s3 bucket name as a subdomain. This quick tip might be a help.

In my case, I had a dot in the bucket name so the domain created was like https://akhil.bansal.s3.amazo…… I removed the dot from the bucket name and it worked perfectly. Looks like S3 ssl certificate does not support a dot in the subdomain.

Github2S3: Backup Github Repositories To Amazon S3

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Cross Posted from http://vinsol.com/blog Who doesn’t know GitHub now a days, its a service to host git repositories. We, at Vinsol, use GitHub extensively to host all(50+) of our git repositories. Although Github is an awesome service, we miss one feature a lot, which is ‘archiving a repository’ somewhere outside Github. This is somewhat similar … Continue reading Github2S3: Backup Github Repositories To Amazon S3