Displaying information about your git repository

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Want to see information about your git repository?

Based on a discussion here Duane Johnson wrote a very useful bash script. I am using this script from months and would like to share with you. You can download this script here(git-info.txt (3576)).

You can also add an alias like below, so that I can be a accessed by a single command “gitinfo”

alias gitinfo="/home/akhil/git-info.txt"

When you run this script from your working copy it displays:

  • Remote URL
  • Remote Branches
  • Local Branches
  • Configuration (.git/config)
  • Most Recent Commit

Isn’t it useful, give it a try 😉

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  1. Hi Jonathan, Nice post ! I was using the following line in my buldne: gem delayed_job , :git => git://github.com/collectiveidea/delayed_job.git’ but it didn’t work: it didn’t generate the migration file, so the rake db:migrate command wasn’t working. I used the following line in my buldne and after buldne install the migration file was created: gem delayed_job , ~> 2.1.4 Thanks a lot .Regards,Sergio Lima

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