Tip: Open DB shell/console from rails root dir

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Just a quick tip you might be using this already.

If you guys want to open your app’s DB shell. Then you can use rails utility ‘dbconsole’ by issuing “script/dbconsole” from rails root directory.

It will ask for DB password, and open your db shell.

If you use sake, you may like following sake task:

desc ‘Launches the database shell using the values defined in config/database.yml’
task ‘db:shell’, :needs => [ ‘environment’ ] do
config = ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[(RAILS_ENV or “development”)]
command = “”
case config[“adapter”]
when “mysql” then
(command << "mysql ") (command << "--host=#{(config["host"] or "localhost")} ") (command << "--port=#{(config["port"] or 3306)} ") (command << "--user=#{(config["username"] or "root")} ") (command << "--password=#{(config["password"] or "")} ") (command << config["database"]) when "postgresql" then puts("You should consider switching to MySQL or get off your butt and submit a patch") else (command << "echo Unsupported database adapter: #{config["adapter"]}") end system(command) end [/ruby]

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