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Yesterday, I attended third barcamp in delhi. I presented a session “Deploying rails application in EC2”. It was an amazing experience. We talked about EC2 and I had given a demo “How to deploy rails application on EC2”.

I personally didn’t like some sessions. There were people from some company and after every 2 mins they were saying “we are the best”. I think this should not happen in barcamp. As far as I know about barcamp, it is for sharing your experiences, talking about new technology, but not for promoting your company.

I think that, at BarCamp there should be sessions on new things, not on the things that are popular and have similar other services.

There was a very good session by Jinesh Varia on Amazon Cloud Computing. He included Amazon’s simple storage system, and Amazon’s cloud computing(Ec2) in his presentation. He also helped me in answering people while the demo. He gave me a hint that very soon there will a news from Amazon that will surprise us.

I have uploaded my presentation slides on

Thanks to Impetus Noida for Hosting Barcamp for second time and Opera for Beer.

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  1. Hey Akhil,
    It was a nice presentation and thanks for posting it on the slideshare.

    Do you know what you people have planned for this week’s Ruby meetup (this Thursday)?

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