Travel Mate: New Widget For Opera

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Going out for vacation??? Plan your trip using Travel Mate. 😉

Actually some days ago there was a call from Opera to all developers to make widget for travelers, and to promote developers they announced some prizes like Windows based mobile Phone. Me and my colleague Aditya decided to try our luck, but unfortunately I could not submit it before the deadline but he could.

Aditya made a nice widget that has features like Road Map, Weather Report, Local Photos, Flight Booking, Currency Converter and World clock with DST support. He is using javascript library(prototype.js) and YUI (Yahoo User Interface) for making the widget user friendly and code efficient. Google Maps API, Yahoo Travel API and many other APIs are being used in this widget. And no scraping is done that makes Travel Mate a highly stable solution.

I hope, he get this phone so I get new battery for my phone 😉

If you use Opera, tryout Travel Mate Widget and give your valuable comment.
Get Travel Mate from here.

Travel Mate: New widget for Opera

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