ActiveRecord finder: Now we can use hash as conditions

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Earlier conditions can either be specified as a string or array now in edge rails we can specify hash also. So if we specify conditions as hash then it will generate conditions based on equality with SQL AND.


[source:ruby]User.find(:all, :conditions=>{:first_name => ‘akhil’, :role => ‘admin’}) [/source]

will generate SQL as “where `first_name` = ‘akhil’ and `role` = ‘admin'”

Also we can have range as condition


[source:ruby]User.find(:all, :conditions => {:access_level => 3..5})[/source]

will generate SQL as “where `access_level` BETWEEN 3 AND 5”

This is really helpful modification in ActiveRecord 🙂

6 Responses to ActiveRecord finder: Now we can use hash as conditions

  1. This is great. I’ve long thought the current way was cumbersome and not keeping with The Rails Way.

    I mean, nearly everything else is Model.method(:param => :value) except find().

    When I say not keeping with The Rails Way, I mean that it’s putting the user right into the muck. You don’t write SQL anywhere else in the app (excluding find_by_sql()), so how can we expect a user to know how to properly format a WHERE clause?

    Again, great news. In which version of Rails will this appear?

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