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As far as I know there are very few people working on RubyOnRails in India. Vinayak solutions Pvt. Ltd. is doing great in this field. Recently Manik Juneja (Director) attended the Rails conf. Landon and last week traveled Colombo to train a team of web programmers on Ruby on Rails.

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  1. even i am learning rails form a comapny in bangalore
    what r the fututre prospects of rails in india
    and whats the expansion like
    if i get a job in a comapny for rails developer and i find that comapny not worth or find dying in short termwhich i beleive is not gonna happen
    then to if at all any thing happens then where will i find myself in

    i mean i will have to join some startup
    or will have to do some bussiness

    which r the comapnies in india which work on rails
    plz do mail me the comment also at
    [email protected]
    hwere the mba stands for mumbai


  2. Hello all,

    We are looking for people intellectual individuals , with a broad understand of Web 2.0,RIA,Rails. You get to work on really exciting products and have the pleasure of working in a casual environment.

    Do ping me!!


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