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When Ultrasphinx is used with STI…

Hi Guys, it has been a long time since I last posted. I had worked on several things since then, and have couple of posts pending/draft. One of those posts is related to Ultrasphinx, when it is used with STI models.
For those who are new to Ultrasphinx: Ultrasphinx is a rails plugin and client to […]

Git Error: trailing whitespace, indent SP followed by a TAB, unresolved merge conflict

I have been using Git from last few days, and faced following errors while committing:
1) Trailing whitespace
2) Indent SP followed by a TAB
3) Unresolved merge conflict
The first error “Trailing whitespace” is because of carriage-return/line-feed(windows style line feed/end). To resolve this problem comment following lines(58-60) in .git/hooks/pre-commit file:

if (/\s$/) {
bad_line(”trailing […]

Rails Plugin Annotate Models For Spec And Spec Fixtures

I have been using “Annotate Models” rails plugin written by Dave Thomas since I found it around one and half year ago. It really helps while writing fixtures. But if you use RSpec you might miss schema info at the top of your rspec fixture file as I do. So, today I modify the plugin […]

Git - Fast Version Control System

Git is getting popular in Rails community these days, as there were being many changes in rails to support Git.
Git is a open sourse fast version controller system. It was originally designed by Linus Torvalds to handle large projects. It was inspired by Monotone & BitKeeper. It is a distributed version controlling system. It gives […]

Migration: Adding/Removing columns are now much easier

You may have noticed by now, that in Rails 2.0 changeset 7422, you can specify columns you want to add/remove in your migration by passing attribute:type pairs to the migration generator.
For example, lets assume that we need to add a column ‘role’ in users table(User model). In this case generate a migration like:

script/generate migration […]

Akhil Bansal

Myself Akhil Bansal from New Delhi, India. I have about three years of web programming experience. I work with Vinayak Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Ruby on Rails leading company in New Delhi, India. I started my career with PHP but now I am enjoying Ruby and Ruby On Rails since last year. This blog is all about my experiences with Ruby on Rails and others. Hire Me: I’m available for contract work. Contact me at [bansalakhil30.10 at gmail dot com] if you’re interested.