Ajax Scaffold Generator

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I was searching for something about rails and find a very interesting thing. The Ajax Scaffold Generator.
The ajax scaffold generator is just too simple!.
One thing you must remember if using this ajax scaffold generator is that the browser back buttn might not work. I liked it very much and highly recomend this tool.

you can install this by issuing the following:
gem install ajax_scaffold

If you are interested in learning RJS template then you must go through its code in lib dirctory.
Find RJS template book here http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/rjsrails/

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  1. I’ve been doing a bit of Ruby/Rails stuff, and it rather scares me in it’s “It’s ok, just issue this command, I know exactly what you’re thinking. Would you like some tea? Of course you would!” sort of way. This Ajax scaffolding is insane… like… you generate a scaffold… with Ajax… and *poof* you have an instant webpage. Powerful… but I can’t figure out if it’s in a good way or not… What’s debugging like…?

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